Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vetting Against the Devil: Getting It Right

Vetting Against the Devil: Getting It Right: This is my first blog post ever and haven't really got it down yet. I feel a strong sense of direction from an unidentifiable source, telli...

Getting It Right

This is my first blog post ever and haven't really got it down yet.  I feel a strong sense of direction from an unidentifiable source, telling me I should be someone, by anyone who really cares deeply about what this country has become and how we got here. But I think this country knows where it is and who really put us there.

There is a storm coming amidst the backdrop of the most important presidential election since Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter.  The storm will cover the entire country and no home will be spared from it.  It is the blizzard of the liberal network and cable tv and radio news that are lined up to bury all American households with glitzy ads that proport the virtues of one Barach Hussein Obama.  Not only will they endeavor to spin this president elect as the second coming of Allah, but they will leave no stone unturned, no lie untold, no secret unadulterated, and no cheap shot left in the barrel, to "prove" the GOP candidate is unelectable.

There is no GOP candidate that is without some baggage or another, some mistake from the past, or some vote they'd like to have back.  They are first human, just like the rest of us, and they pay their dues with the choices they make.  There are no exceptions!  Oh wait a minute....NBC has just corrected me.  There is one perfect candidate for president, the same one they rallied around in '08 to be their puppet in the Whitehouse.  Really can you blame them?  After all, he's paid them all back handsomely for the free ride to the post of the most powerful man in the world, and he promises he will line their pockets with even more cash during his second term. Obama is the most generous man in the world, right? Generous to a fault, right?  Generous with OUR money, not his!  While he plays Chicago politics with American tax dollars, lining his own pockets with Green Job kickbacks and "donations" from Big Pharma, the rest of us starving and out of work, praying we don't get ill.

So exactly when do we collectively take off the blinders and stop believing the lies of this socialist mouthpiece for all that is greedy and poisonous to the American Spirit.  How many of us are still drinking the Obama Inaugural Punch?  How many still believe Big Government will solve all our problems?  Let me tell you one thing for certain...if he wins in 2012 before the end of his second term this country will be in flames literally and figuratively.  This coming election is "TOO BIG FOR AMERICANS TO FAIL!"

Too big to let the liberal media get away with slamming responsible leadership.  Too big for Americans to get sauced on his false promises, pandering leftist rhetoric, and policies that smother Americans from breathing their own breaths.  Too big to not pick the strongest, most innovative, most challenging, most experienced, and intelligent contender we can rally with. Too big to let those who are deemed "to big to fail" to continue running OUR country into the ground and into the blackhole of indebtedness to China.

If you believe as I do, that no one and nothing is too big to fail, let us unify and stand together as our forefathers and mothers did. Let us tear down this tyrannical socialist wall Obama has forced upon our great nation, and  send in the best man to lead our revitalization as a leader of the free world. Stand with Newt Gingrich and you are standing with the next Great American President.